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 Releasedate:  18 September 2020

English songs / Peaceful melancholy
1 – I Could Have Made a Child
2 – I Will Start Over
3 – Sharp Corners
4 – Another Person
5 – Mountains of Men* – featuring Sandro Friedrich


EP - I could have made a child

After some time in troubled waters, Elly set herself the goal of writing more about her vulnerability. In October 2019 the song Sharp Corners was born and in it she speaks about (self)protection. At the end of that same year she wrote songs about loss and the art of letting go. The soothing I Could Have Made a Child saw its first light of day on Christmas Day. That cannot be a coincidence. In the meditative Mountains of Men* Elly reflects on the roads mankind has walked and indirectly questions wether we should be led by systems, the masses or our own heart. Here she is musically supported by John Lumpkin (USA) on drums, Sasha Shlain (Russia) on piano & synthesizer and features Sandro Friedrich (Switzerland) on the bansuri flute.

– Vocals, guitars, bass guitar, percussion, casio by Elly Kellner
– Produced by Elly Kellner with the kind assistance of BJ Baartmans.
– Mixing & mastering: BJ Baartmans, Studio Wild Verband (NL)
– *Co-produced by John Lumpkin and Sasha Shlain
– Special thanks: Max Majorana, Rudie Verbunt & Willem Jongeneelen

REVIEW BY Willem Jongeneelen

“Elly Kellner has a new EP. The first four songs have sparse musical arrangements and still a lot happens and even more is said. Is it shamelessly honest folk? Sure. But Elly also emerges as a Beatlesque minstrel bringing an old-fashioned jazzy groove and stylistic slowcore with grim edges. She tests herself vocally, far beyond her comfort zone as the sensitive singer-songwriter with just a guitar or ukulele. In the final track she is pulling out all the stops, even though the tempo remains slow. Supported by guest musicians from the USA, Russia and Switzerland, we hear Elly meditating about a peaceful, boundless world. Was and is that world always this peaceful and tolerant? In the beautiful video devoted to the song, a young girl is being followed closely in a beautiful but wondrous landscape. Without batting an eyelid, she moves through the water, across the cemetery and in a city palace, full of childlike innocence. Like Elly once…“



Elly was invited by Grammy-winning producer Larry Klein (USA) to come to Studios La Fabrique in France. 21 artists from all over the world were chosen because they had co-written songs via the Beyond Music platform. Beyond Music was founded in 2018 by the non-profit Beyond Foundation and Tina Turner. Their aim is to unite professional musicians so they would benefit from cross cultural collaboration and create entirely new genres of music. The album Same Sky was the result.

Elly wrote and sang the song Different, You and I with Heather Bond (USA) and this was recorded for the album. On the songs We Are One, Our Colors, More Of Us and Water Elly sings backingvocals.

To capture the feel of the recordingproces, and the two weeks spent with wonderful musicians on a beautiful location, Elly decided to make six vlogs so you can get a glimpse of what the experience meant to her personally.

2019 – Five collabs with seven musicians from six countries. The song Different, you and I with Heather Bond won and I had the pleasure of working with Larry Klein and meeting so many wonderful musicians!

2020 –  16 collabs with 32 people from 21 countries. The song Si Ghan won the Special Corona Award.

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Elly was awarded the Tamoil Culture Award because of her artistic, inspiring and heart-felt lyrics, music and comics.

Excerpt from the Jury’s speech: 

“Elly is able to write about what is sharp and painful in a way that makes it slightly muffled and vague and therefore easier to digest and look at.  At the same time she knows how to make  the vague visible with exactly the right words and has thus far written over a 1000 songs.”

Matthews Southern Comfort

Elly joined Iain Matthews on his tours with Matthews Southern Comfort. Before he had a big hit in the sixties with the song Woodstock he was part of the legendary Fairport Convention. Together with Iain, guitarist BJ Baartmans, pianist Bart de Win and Elly on acoustic guitar and vocals Kind of Live was recorded. Elly sang backingvocals on their 2020 album The New Mine.

Shows Elly Kellner performing live with Matthews Southern Comfort.
Photo: Ad Lijnse
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Shannon Lyon

Canadian troubadour Shannon Lyon and Elly Kellner worked closely together for the album Broken Things. It offers heartfelt and heart opening songs. Elly also sang backing vocals on the album The Lights Behind and in 2015 Elly joined Shannon on his tour, together with BJ Baartmans. She captured this great adventure in a series of vlogs: a little insight to life during a short tour.

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