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Elly Kellner

The most melancholy lady of the Lowlands

Elly Kellner, was brought up in the South of the Netherlands and is half Belgian, half Dutch. This melancholy lady of the Lowlands writes soothing sad songs mixed with radical honesty. Songs that feel like a warm, soft whisper in your ear. On a guitar with just four strings she occupies a unique piece of territory somewhere between jazz and folk.

Elly worked with Grammy Award winning producer Larry Klein (USA), Iain Matthews / Matthews Southern Comfort (UK) and Shannon Lyon (CAN). She was awarded with the Tamoil Culture Prize for the Arts & Literature.

With her lyrics Elly tries to go beyond existing taboo, into the core of her inner world, with the firm belief that there must be others who’ll recognize the mutual experience and hopefully feel less alone as a result. It is the only reason for her to keep sharing her music.