To most I am know as just a singer-songwriter but I’ve always been creative as well. Someone once called me a multipotentialite as my creativity branches out in so many directions. It ranges from writing songs to filming and editing videos, to making podcasts, drawing illustrations and making handpuppets. I use creativity and music to process feelings and to just have a good time. Sometimes music takes the upperhand and other times the art does.

In 2016 inspiration for new songs had totally left and gone on a holiday. Slowly I started picking up my Indian ink and Ecoline again and for a couple of years my focus was solely on drawing. These years were dedicated to exploration in the form of dating, boundaries, pain and the limits of communication. Under the name Creatieve Vlo I created many short comics that were based on my thoughts, feelings and real things I experienced in that period. In 2019 music returned to me and art took a backseat again. But being creative will never leave me and I already can’t wait to see where inspiration will lead me next.

Here are a couple of examples of my comics.