Walk your own path

Singer-songwriter Elly Kellner wearing her favorite Dr. martens.

Are we all doing things and living life according to how we think the world expects us to live? Following the treaded path of school, work, relationships, children etc? Do most of us feel caught up in this matrix that we have all created? Do we feel pressured to follow the ‘rules’, all boxed in and lost? Do we feel stressed, burned out, depressed? Have we forgotten how to spend time with ourselves? Just me, myself and I, without screens, loud chatter and constant input.

I feel we’ve forgotten that we can step out of the box, at any time, and listen to ourselves. To become ourselves more each day. It takes practice to find the one we once were. Who were we before we started to run on that gigantic treadmill, before we lost ourselves and each other in this stressful oblivion?

Don’t feel pressured into getting children when you feel you want to spend your lifetime on your own development, your broken heart, your lost soul. Don’t have children if you prefer to focus on your cat(s), dog(s) or other pets and love them like they’re your babies. Don’t take that office job if it doesn’t suit you and you’d rather get into a new education or want to travel. Don’t travel around the globe when all you want to do is spend month on your couch with Netflix because it’s what you need. Don’t start a diet and lose yourself in black and white calorie counting when all your body longs for is for you to love and cherish it. Don’t feel pressured to have a boy- or girlfriend if you prefer to have one night stands and enjoy being free. Don’t put on a dress if you feel like wearing trousers. Don’t hide yourself if you feel you want to shine and don’t put a mask on, faking it till you make it, when you really need to just cover your head with the duvet and stay in.

Don’t do something if you don’t want to. If it gives you a nagging feeling, an unease and it weighs heavy each time you have to do it: STOP IT. Say No.

Practice saying NO. You deserve to walk your own path, you don’t owe anybody anything.

Elly 🧡