2021 - Earth Vibrations

An Ethnic Fusion & New Age collaboration between 11 artists from nine different countries. When our heart finds a direct channel with Planet Earth, we start to decipher what kind of vibration our planet broadcasts. We translated this into four songs written and produced by Senhora do Ó & Elly Kellner.

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The Right Tools consists of five songs that are all markedly different to each other and it’s not quite about hammers and saws. More about a mental toolbox. Through these songs Elly reflects and explores  the ways we can understand, help and comfort ourselves.      

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After a hiatus of a couple of years, 2019 brought back the inspiration for music again. Elly started writing in English again with vulnerability as the main subject for the lyrics. Besides this the EP concludes with Mountains of Men, a meditative song that comes with a beautiful music video.

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In 2019 producer Larry Klein (USA) & Beyond Music invited Elly to spend two weeks in Studios La Fabrique, one of the world leading studios in the South of France with twenty-two other artists from seventeen countries. A true world music and ethnic fusion album was created.

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All songs in Dutch. 17 songs recorded in 2018 after laying on the shelf for a number of years. Elly at her purest, just her voice and a guitar. So it’s like she is sitting right beside you playing these songs especially for you. Like in the old days.

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All songs in Dutch. After writing in English all her life Elly challenged herself to write a whole album in her mother tongue Dutch. Her aim was to go beyond any kind of taboo that exists about certain topics and she ended up writing over 30 songs to choose from. A difficult task.

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This album came about in a period when Elly started to experiment with writing in her mother tongue Dutch (Netherlands) so it includes two songs in Dutch. In the song Successfool Elly questions whether she has to act like a fool in order to become successful.

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After a three year stay in the United Kingdom Elly presented herself in a band setting with catchy songs and melodies that stay with you throughout the day. With space for will-power, perseverance, hope and even happiness.

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Keshri Transition CD Cover from 2001.

2001 - Keshri Transition

Between 1999 and 2003 Elly formed an Acoustic-Noise-Duo with Andra Veraart. The 13 songs on this album can definately be called experimental and creative.

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