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Video still for Mountains of Men by singer-songwriter Elly Kellner

Mountains of Men

About the song:

In life we can ‘walk’ any direction we want. So many have come before us on this planet and besides smart inventions and kindness the world is also confronted with people’s rage and ignorance. Every day the choice is yours: Will you follow the well trodden path, leaders who claim to know best or will you listen to your gut and choose the road less traveled? Will you listen to the child in you or will you follow your heart?

An extra layer in the meaning of the song is about the feminine experience in a world that has essentially always been a ‘Man’s world’. The fact that women were only allowed to vote from 1920 onwards is just a small example. Symbolically and sometimes literally women have had to climb mountains designed by and for men. A final layer to the song is about other minorities. The world we live in today has many man-made obstacles that usually only the priviliged, rich, white and able-bodied people can overcome. So again, the question is, do we want to travel down that road that is full of age-old roadblocks or should we maybe start making our way through a new part of the jungle that is life?

This song features Sandro Friedrich from Switzerland on the wonderful bansuri flute. Sandro plays over 200 ethnic wind instruments and his beautiful playing can be found in many collaborations as well as filmscores and documentaries. Supporting the song on drums is John Lumpkin from the USA. Being a producer, arranger and artist his roots can be found in the Gospel scene and Jazz. Lastly adding tranquil soundscapes with piano & synthesizer is composer and producer Sasha Shlain, originally from Russia and now residing in Switzerland. I met these three musicians in 2019 at Studios La Fabrique, where together we recorded the album Same Sky for Beyond Music. And I am so lucky they added their beauty to this song.

Elly Kellner – Vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Sasha Shlain – Piano & synthesizer
Sandro Friedrich – Bansuri flute
John Lumpkin – Drums

– Produced by Elly Kellner with the kind assistance of BJ Baartmans.
– Co-produced by John Lumpkin and Sasha Shlain
– Mix and mastering by BJ Baartmans, Studio Wild Verband (NL) 2019

About the music video:

Never before did a song have so many different meanings and layers for me. This one, for me, expands over time and space, it’s about you, about me, about how we are all one. Everything entwined, living and dying all at the same time, round and round we go in this magnificent, bittersweet experience.

I wanted to make the vibe of the song and the deeper meaning visible in a way that comforting at the same time. I spent a day with the charismatic Eliza (12 y/o) and I followed and filmed her wherever she went that day. She walked in a world that has offered so much to mankind through the centuries. It is up to us to ponder on what we could give in return.

Eliza Klein – Girl
Elly Kellner – Camera, edit

Elly ♥



Will you follow me where I go
Will you follow me where I go

This path is so crooked
But it's truly mine
I came in barefoot
Across the borderline

How I struggled uphill
Mountains of men
Grew into a landslide
Came down again

Came... down again
Came... down again

Will you follow me where I go
Will you follow me where I go
Will you follow me where I go
Will you follow me where I go
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