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Singer-songwriter Elly Kellner gazing at the Swiss mountains whilst traveling through Switzerland in 2019.

People adapt

People adapt. On my way back to the Luzern train station, the first part of my journey back home, I looked at the gorgeous mountains again and all the houses people built on them. Maybe it started out in caves, where we ate, slept, sang and played our drum. Further along the line someone invented the wheel, electricity and chocolate. How inventive are we as people, there is just no end to our creativity and drive to move forward and adapt; it comes natural.

We build, we break down and start all over again in the best ways we can. There are people moving house, finding new jobs and having babies, whilst their country is in war. Rocket attacks and sirens don’t phase them, they adapt and continue with life. All of this went through my head whilst I looked at the mountains, the bridges we’ve built and the sky that is so endless.

I love mankind with all its dark and all its light. All of the world outside also exists inside of me and I know where we started out roughly 350,000 years ago. We’ve come a long way and I have as well. Despite all the bad, we are all doing pretty well at this ‘living’ thing.

My song ‘Mountains of Men’ very much represents this feeling I have right now. I am in a train from Switzerland back to the Netherlands. A train, a wondrous invention that allows you to see your surroundings whilst traveling and I am taking in all the views. The surreal mountains are still real now and soon I will be in my flat country again. The highs and lows I experience inside are now visible for me to observe.

Thank you Switzerland, it was delightful and you are a beautiful part of the world and our planet.

Elly 🧡

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