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Empty stage just before singer-songwriter Elly Kellner starts her concert at Seeschau in Erlenbach, Switzerland

Erlenbach vlog

On the 15th November I traveled to Erlenbach, near Zurich in Switzerland with composer and producer Sasha Shlain. I met Sasha earlier this year at Beyond Music and we were now invited to perform my songs at Seeschau – House of Sacred Arts. This peaceful place is owned and run by Regula Curti who we also met before as she is the co-founder of the Beyond Foundation. We had a very warm welcome by all the kind people there, such an heartwarming atmosphere and were reunited with more Beyond musician friends. In the afternoon we connected through some music improvisation. 

To all those who were there: it was so good to see you at the concert, thank you for your time and your warm, inviting energy. Thank you Regula Curti for having us. And for those who couldn’t make it, here’s a small video of our day.

Elly 🧡

Singer-songwriter Elly Kellner performing live with on the piano Sasha Shlain at Seeschau in Erlenbach, Switzerland
Elly Kellner & Sasha Shlain performing at Seeschau
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